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Related post: 6 7 of Mimosa, Oxalis, Drosera, Desmodium and Dioncea muscipula ex- hibit this phenomenon to a marked degree. A few instances only will be considered. When the tendrils of climbing plants come Nexium Copay Card into contact with the uneven surface Nexium Generic Equivalent of solid bodies they are induced to coil. When the tentacles on a modified leaf of the Sundew (Dro- sera) are stimulated mechanically by an insect or artifically they are induced Nexium En Espanol to curve over. If a good plant of the Venus Fly-trap (Dioncea) PiG-32. Mimosa Spegazzini. After the application of a stimulus. Compare with Fig. 31. (After Steckbeck.} is selected, it will be seen to possess leaves, Nexium Espanol the terminal portions of which are modified as traps for catching insects (Fig. 30). Hairs will be seen projecting from the upper surface of each valve of the hinged blade. If one of these hairs is touched with a pencil no re- action will be evident but if after a lapse of twenty seconds the hair is touched again, the 2 valves close. If the stamens of Berberis be touched near the base during their pollen shedding stage they will be observed to curve toward the stigma. 68 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY The most highly specialized form of thigmotropism Nexium Discounts observed in plants appears to be found in Mimosa Spegazzini, a member of the Bean family. According to Steckbeck "when a mechanical stimu- lus, such as a forceps Nexium Mexico pinch, is applied to one of the terminal secon- dary leaflets after a latent period of less than Y second, the leaflet stimulated Nexium Milligrams rises and its partner almost Nexium Oral Suspension at the same time. The stimulus is then Nexium 20mg Tablets carried down the midrib, the pairs of secondary leaflets closing in order; in 9 seconds all the secondary leaf lets, have closed, the midribs converge followed in 3 seconds by a drop of the entire leaf. The stimulus moves up the other leaflet with the result that the secondary leaflets close in order. * In 20 seconds after the stimulus has been applied all of the secondary leaflets are closed. The stimulus is propagated through the stem to other leaves." 1 (Figs. 31 and 32.) 4. Reproduction. Protoplasm also shows a very remarkable ability to increase and to give off detached portions which retain the infinitely complex peculiarities and properties of the original. The process, moreover, may be continued Nexium Ad indefinitely. Nexium Injection Other physiological characteristics might be added, but the above are mentioned as the most satisfactory criteria by which living may be distinguished from non-living matter. PROTOPLASMIC CELL CONTENTS Protoplasm consists of four well-differentiated portions: (a) Cytoplasm, or the foamy, often granular matrix of protoplasm outside of the nucleus. (b) Nucleus or Nucleoplasm, a denser region of protoplasm con- taining chromatin, a substance staining heavily with certain basic dyes. (c) Nucleolus, a small body of dense protoplasm within the nucleus. (d) Plastids, composed Nexium Otc Equivalent of plastid plasm, small discoid, spheroidal, ellipsoidal or ribbon-shaped bodies scattered about in the cytoplasm. 1 "The comparative histology and irritability of sensitive plants" by D. W. Steckbeck in Contributions from The Botanical Laboratory of the U. of Pa., vol. IV, No. 2, p. 217, 1919. VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY 6 9 Sometimes, as in the cells of lower plants like the Spirogyra, plastids are large and are then called chromatophores. According to the position of the cells in which plastids occur Fda Nexium and the work they perform, they differ in color, viz: Leucoplastids are colorless plastids found in the underground FIG. 33. Nexium Generic Date A, embryonic cells from onion root tip; d, plasmatic membrane; c, cy- toplasm; Canadian Pharmacy Nexium a, nuclear membrane enclosing the thread-like nuclear Nexium Discount Coupons reticulum; b, nucleolus; e, plastids (black dots scattered about). B, older cells farther back trom the root tip. The cytoplasm is becoming vacuolate; /, vacuole. C, a cell from the epidermis of the mid-rib of Tradescantia zebrina, in its Free Nexium Coupon natural condi- tion on the right, and plasmolyzed by a salt solution on the left; g, space left by the recedence of the cytoplasm from the wall; the plasma membrane can Nexium In Mexico now be seen as a Nexium Packets delicate membrane bounding the shrunken protoplast. All highly mag- nified. (Stevens.) portions of a plant and also in seeds, and other regions given up to the storage of starch. Their function is to Nexium Granules build up reserve starch from sugar and other carbohydrates as well as to change the reserve starch back into sugar when it is needed for the growth of the plant. 70 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY They are only evident after properly fixing and staining cells con- taining them. Chloroplastids are plastids found in cells exposed to light and con- tain the green pigment, chlorophyll. Chromoplastids are plastids found in cells independent of their relation to light or darkness and contain a yellow, orange or red
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